Top 5 Best Cash Back Sites

Discover the Best Cash Back Sites that offer the Highest Cash Back Rates here and start earning cash back with EVERY Single online purchase you make.

I discovered cash back shopping several years back. It is an amazing phenomenon that is sweeping the online shopping community and saving people hundreds, even THOUSANDS of dollars a year.


I am an avid online shopper and since I found out about cash back websites, I have been saving with every purchase I make! Simply put, if you aren't earning cash back everytime you are shopping online then you are Seriously missing out My Friend!

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Cash Back Shopping Explained

So, What is Cash Back Shopping Anyway?

Basically, it means that websites (that are FREE to Sign Up for) will give YOU a percentage of the total price of your online purchase back in CASH – as an incentive for you to make that purchase, that you were already planning to make, through their link.

The Reason Sites Give Away Cash for FREE

Why Would Websites Do This?

Well, it's actually quite simple, these cash back sites earn a small commission from the different retailers they promote whenever anyone makes a purchase through one of the cash back site's links. So, in order to entice people to shop through these links, the cash back websites offer their members a large portion of their commission as cash back, as a thank you, if you will.

It's truly a win win for all parties involved. The store makes money, the cash back site makes money, and you make money, just for shopping online. I mean, these are purchases you were already going to be making, so why not get rewarded for them? Just when you think shopping couldn't get any better, it does! This is FREE MONEY here people! What else is there to say?

How to Start Earning Cash Back, Right Now

The following is a list of the best cash back websites I have found so far online. I have also included an explanation of the perks that each of these cash back websites offer their members.

I would highly recommend that you sign up for all of the best cash back websites I list below to make sure you always receive the highest cash back rates at whatever store you're shopping at.

best cash back

Top 5 Best Cash Back Websites Online


Best Cash Back Site # 1:

1. Mr. Rebates

best cash back website - Mr. Rebates

Mr. Rebates is an incredibly reputable cash back website that has been online since 2002 offering its' members some great cash back incentives at over 2,000 Online Retailers. Not only do they offer you a percentage of cash back on every purchase you make through one of their links, they also have super saver coupons & promotional offers for tons of the most popular stores online. That way, you can use coupons AND receive cash back when making your online purchases!

Additionally, as an added incentive, Mr. Rebates is even offering its new members a $5 bonus, just for signing up. And, if that wasn't enough, Mr. Rebates provides motivation for sharing their website with your friends. Essentially, when you tell your friends about cash back shopping through Mr. Rebates, and they register for an account, you'll earn 20% of all the cash back your friends are earning with Mr. Rebates for as long as you're both members. Now that's exciting!



Earn Cash Back with Mr. Rebates at These Great Stores:

5.0% CashBack 3.0% CashBack
5.0% CashBack 5.0% CashBack
1.0% CashBack 3.0% CashBack
3.0% CashBack 4.0% CashBack
6.0% CashBack  5.0% CashBack


See All Stores With Cash Back Offers at Mr. Rebates


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Best Cash Back Site # 2:

2. Ebates

best cash back sites - Ebates


One of the most substantial perks that differentiates Ebates from all of the other cash back websites I have listed here, is that it's the only site that offers cash back for purchases made at (rates vary depending on purchase type). Actually, Ebates is the only cash back website that I know of that offers cash back for shopping on Amazon, which, in my opinion, is reason enough to register for a free account.

Ebates has been offering cash back incentives at over 1,600 online stores since 1998. I have been a member of Ebates since 2008 and have never had an issue receiving my cash back rewards.

Ebates offers several added bonuses for becoming a member, shopping through their cash back links, and referring your friends to Ebates including:

  • Receiving $10.00 in cash or a $10 gift card from Kohls, Target, Macy's, or Wal Mart just for signing up for a free account.
  • Regular specials where they offer their members double and triple cash back rewards at certain stores, so it is a good idea to always check this site before making a purchase online.
  • AND, when you refer your friends to Ebates and they make a qualifying purchase of $20 or more, you will receive $5 cash in your Ebates account. Also, for the past few years, Ebates has been regularly holding contests that offer some pretty awesome prizes as even more motivation to refer friends. For example, right now, if you refer 3 friends you can earn an extra $30, or if you refer 25 friends during the 3 month contest period, you will earn $375. These bonuses are on top of the $5 you already earned for each of your qualifying referrals. One year I actually won an IPad! Seriously, I referred exactly 50 people in 3 months and Ebates sent me an brand new IPad. It was awesome!

​Earn Cash Back though Ebates at Some of Your Favorite Stores:

4.0% CashBack 5.0% Cash Back
6.0% CashBack 6.0% CashBack
3.0% CashBack 3.0% CashBack
2.0% CashBack 15.0% CashBack
3.0% CashBack 5.0% CashBack
5.0% CashBack 5.0% CashBack


See All Stores with Cash Back Offers at


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Best Cash Back Site # 3:

3. MainstreetShares

best cash back website - MainStreet Shares

MainStreet Shares is another great rebate website that has been offering cash back rewards to online consumers since 2005. The BigCrumbs website offers cash back shopping at over 1,473 online retail partners and also provides the highest cash back rates at some of the most well-known stores online including Best Buy, Target, WalMart, Gap, HP, and Nordstrom.

Also, just like most all of the cash back shopping websites online, MainStreet Shares provides motivation for its members to tell their friends about earning cash back with Big Crumbs. This referral program is somewhat unique since not only do you earn a percentage of the cash back that your direct referrals earn, you also earn a percentage of the cash back that your referrals referrals earn for up to 5 generations down the line.

Earn Cashback w/ MainStreet Shares at These Great Stores:        

2.4% CashBack 3.0% CashBack
3.5% CashBack 2.4% CashBack
3.6% Cashback 1.2% CashBack
 1.8% CashBack 6% CashBack
2.4% CashBack 2.4% CashBack


See All Mainstreet Shares Cash Back Offers


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Best Cash Back Site # 4:

4. Pennyful is a newer cash back website that has been operational since August 2010 and has some great cash back offers including DOUBLE and TRIPLE cash back promotions, and lots of daily coupons and promotional codes for all of your online shopping adventures.

Earn Cash back and use the above mentioned Coupon & Promo Codes to ensure you get the best deal possible for each and every purchase you make online. What could be better than that? Sign-up for your free account and start experiencing great savings AND earning cash back while you shop from now on.

Earn Cashback at These Great Stores Using Pennyful:

 2.0% CashBack 2.5% CashBack
3.5% CashBack 2.5% CashBack
3.0% CashBack  3.5% CashBack
2.0% CashBack 6.5% CashBack
2.0% CashBack 17.5% CashBack


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Best Cash Back Site # 5:

5. Coupon Cactus is another awesome cash back website that has been online since 2006 and offers the following perks when you sign up for a free membership:

  • Coupon Cactus provides Tons of Coupons and Cash Back rewards at over 4,000 merchants and, according to their website, they often provide the highest cash back rates at all of your favorite online shopping spots.
  • Get $3 just for registering for a free account.
  • Again, just like the other cash back websites I have listed here, coupon cactus offers a great incentive for referring your friends to their website. That incentive being that you'll earn 25% of the Cash Back that your referrals earn on each and every purchase that they make for as long as you are both members of the website.

With CouponCactus You Can Earn CashBack Shopping at these Popular Online Retailers:

5.0% CashBack 3.5% CashBack
5.0% CashBack 2.25% CashBack
1.5% CashBack 22.0% CashBack
7.5% CashBack 4.0% CashBack


See All Coupon Cactus Stores with Cash Back Rewards


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