I am just a girl who is an absolute fanatic when it comes to shopping online. I pretty much buy everything I can online and have been doing so since brick and mortar stores began offering their goods for sale on the web. To give you an idea of how much I buy online, I can tell you that I have at least one package waiting by my front door on almost every single day! It's truly like Christmas all year round for this girl! :)

Because I buy most things online, even my groceries if possible, I have made it my mission to save as much money as I can by using the Best Cash Back Sites, listed on the front page of my website, to the coupon and promotional codes currently being offered by the online retailer I happen to be shopping at. Additionally, if you shop while the retailer is having a big sale you can earn cash back on your purchase of the already discounted item, AND use a coupon or promotional code to save even more money on your purchase!

I never make a purchase online without going through the cash back website that provides the highest cash back rate for that specific online retailer and also searching the web for any promotional/coupon codes for that particular shop before making my purchase.

I know shopping online can be intimidating for some, even my own husband refuses to shop online because he doesn't want to provide his checking or banking account information online. You think he would have figured out by now that it is safe, since his wife buys almost everything she needs on the internet.

I have been shopping through some of the Cash Back Websites, noted on my homepage for over 6 years now and have never had an issue with them paying out my cash earnings in all that time. 

In conclusion, if you shop online on an occassional basis or all the time like me, I would definitely reocmmend making your purchase through a Cash Back website in order to save even more while shopping online. This is literally FREE Money for purchases you were already planning to make, it's as simple as that.