8 Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Online shopping has revolutionized our retail markets, but it has also opened up a can of worms in terms of personal security of our credit card and bank account information. That is why I have compiled this list of easy to follow tips you can use to protect your financial data while taking advantage of all the internet has to offer.





Avoid using public computers. It can be hard if you don’t have a computer at home, but those computers at the library or restaurant aren’t a safe bet. An unsavory character may have installed keylogger software onto the public machine and it’s very easy to forget to log out of your private online accounts before you leave.



If you are using the internet at home make sure that you protect your WiFi with a password through a security encrypted network such as WPA (Good) WPA2 (GREAT). 



Make sure all the passwords you use online are strong. For example, mix  up lowercase and uppercase letters and use symbols and numbers in every password you create. 


Stick to using familiar or reputable websites. 



Always look for the padlock followed by https:// in the address bar – this means that the website has an SSL digital certificate. 



If you’re in doubt of a website’s validity try to find a physical address and/or landline phone number for the company, many dishonest websites will avoid listing this information if they aren’t a legitimate business. 



It’s easy to Google a website if you’re not sure – you’ll soon find out if people have had trouble with that particular website/online business before. 



Whenever possible, try to use systems like PayPal, Google Checkout, and  Amazon Payments, instead of inputting your credit card information directly into the website you are shopping at. 

In conclusion, follow these tips to gain peace of mind while you enjoy your online shopping experience. There are some really great deals available exclusively from online retailers.

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